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Potato cakes, smoked salmon, beetroot, ginger, watercress

Potato cakes, smoked salmon, beetroot, ginger, watercress

Potato cakes, potato farls, tattie scones…call them what you will, a stack of hot, buttery potato cakes is a great start to any supper, forming an amenable host to a variety of tasty toppings. I mostly just buy them ready-made, but this week I had leftover mash in the fridge so I made my own. They were so easy I really should do it more often.

My favourite way to eat potato cakes is what I think of as scandi-style: topped with soft, rich smoked fish, pepped up with the addition of hot horseradish or mustard. This time I went for something a bit different, making two little salads to replace the usual dollop of sauce on the side. Firstly, a simple mixture of beetroot and ginger, made with slivers of fiery pickled ginger, the sort you normally find in those little packets in a box of sushi. Secondly, some watercress and rocket to provide extra pepperiness and crunch, drizzled with a tangy goats milk yogurt dressing. Read more