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Wasabi crab and avocado on cucumber

imageThis is the sort of summer lunch that I want when I can’t be bothered to make lunch, when it’s hot outside and I’m not that hungry. These are the days when I want an instant treat, when a quick slice of toast would feel like a sorry option, but I don’t want to invest much more time.

I was mooching around my favourite spice stall at the market a couple of weeks ago, trying my best, as I always do, to limit my purchases to just three things, when wasabi powder caught my eye. I’ve only really used wasabi paste before and had visions of using it to add some zip to a summery seafood dish, so it made its debut appearance with this crab. A little wasabi adds a delicate, fresh heat to the rich crab and avocado mixture. I popped this mixture on top of some chunky slices of cucumber for a lovely cool crunch, although needless to say, this would also be lovely on the carb of your choice.

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